Thailand currently has the population over 70 million people nationwide. We are one of the countries in South East Asia and certainly Thai's market is very huge and very attractive for the world market as we can see from the size of the population. Nevertheless, some people tend to overlook this opportunity. Thailand is one of the leading exporters in the world where supplies rice, natural rubber , sugar , tapioca starch and so on. The automobile manufacturing center is also located in Thailand just like the Detroit of Asia. These are some of the reasons why we foresee the chance to establish the company under Hawamoto Intl. Co.,Ltd.
Hawamoto is a fully Thai-owned company. We wish to introduce the variety types of Thai products' categories to the international world. We strongly believe that Made in Thailand products are the high quality products which are suitable for the world market. Our main objective is to support and to introduce high quality Thai products to the worldwide traders. The foreign traders will realize and get to know more about Thai products in Thailand.

Our present customers are located not only in Asia, Europe, America but also in South Africa. However, we keep searching for the new market segment to expand the customers' base as well as to advertise Thai products to be more acceptable for the business's world.

Thailand has more progressive than in the past , we have highly developed in many aspects such as telecommunication, technology, computer information system and so on. Still, the world is not aware of this change, they have the obsolete picture of the small outdated country in South East Asia. We, Hawamoto will represent the new picture of Thailand to the eyes of the word market. We have the abundant natural resources , the plentiful agriculture, the variety types of industries throughout the country. We are one of Thai-owned companies that can introduce the high quality products from Thailand to the outside globe. We will link Thai market and world market to share the same growth.


We are proudly welcomed everybody to share us the development as well as the initiative ideas to turn Thailand to be one part in the world market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if the additional information is required

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